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NawaSawaChan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
ABout me! ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ

->Normal girl (or not). I only draw because it's one of my hobbies. Created this profile because someone forced me (and that person will read this), but now I'm using because I like!^^

-> I have never did a course for draw. I started to think that it would be cool draw, around 2010. Of course, it all started with deformed stickmans. When I find some of this drawings from this time, I really laugh hard. Because, you know xDD it's ridiculous! But I'm happy that I don't draw this way anymore :)) My first Manga trying was maybe around 2012. And I still draw with that style because it really captives me.

-> Right Now: I love Dmmd, Lamento, Fairy Tail, and My Candy Love. So it will be frequent for me to do a drawing about these.

->NITRO+CHIRAL FANGIRL. (? - I love all the games, that's it.)

*Sorry If have some wrong things and etc. My english is not so good. And talking about these:

->Languages: Japanese (beginner) Portuguese (of course xD) and English (nah, so so ;)) Spanish (because some things in spanish is really common with portuguese, I understand :33 but dunno how to write, sorry :SS But I understand okay?! u_u)


Tagged by :iconyucarikitsune: Love 

1.)What's the first manga you saw?
Manga...? I think it's Beelzebub. When one friend mine took to school...It was 3 years ago...

2.)What anime do you like right now?
Right Now, exactly now, is Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo. I watched with my cousin, in the new year I am a dummy! I recommend, it's really funny!

3.)Which characters did you want to stay together in the end in that anime you're liking now?
Nanami and Sorata!!! I KNOW THAT PROBABLY EVERYBODY WANTS MASHIRO WITH SORATA. But that's my shipp Meow :3 they form a great coupleLa la la la !

4.)What type of anime do you prefer?
Comedy, of course! Formerly, I used to like shounen, but I don't care now xD

5.)What's your favorite game?

DMMD OF COURSE!:rainbowfrog: 
(but the sims is my favorite game too.)

6.)What's your favorite character from your favorite game?
HUM........................................................I really don't know....because, everybody have different personalities, but maybe is Mink, Sly and Aoba.

is the type of character that never give up, he is kind, and always want to help the others and he doesn't judge others based on appearances or personal preferences. He's just Awesome!

Sly we still do not know very well, (actually in the re:code morphine route we know more about him)but for resume, I will put this here: "he’s naturally aggressive and possessive and when he was put in a situation where he has no idea at all of how to approach Reason" and "Desire is so much composed, almost majestic, rationale, completely sure of what he wants and doesn’t want, and he has this aura that even spells ‘reason’, albeit he’s unwilling to admit it as such" source: Shinocchi (tumblr) That kind of character really captives me! Meow :3 

Mink is the type of character that don't care much about the others, and because of this, he seems to be a rude and heartless guy. But when someone became or is special to him, he's really calm, kind, a lovely person. We can also prove this when he calls the person's name (like in re:connect when in the final he calls Aoba's name) . Because normally is just nicknames. I really like Mink because of this. He's the type of character that you have to go after him, you don't have to judge him just for de appereanceHeart 

7.)Do you like rain?
YES! It's good when you will go sleep, and relaxes me...

8.)What's your favorite manga?
I will be honest, I usually don't read manga. So I think I don't have a favorite manga.

9.)Have you seen any american comic?
No. Have years that I don't see any american comic. I actualy don't have interest.

10.)Have you seen naruto and if you have, did you like the last chapter?????

Last chapter? The end? Manga? Yes! I saw it. And I'm really disappointed. MY SHIPP JUST NOT HAPPENS, I WANT NARUSAKU IN THIS SHI*!!!

Now my questions:

1)What's your favorite Anime/Manga?
2) Have one anime genre that you don't like it? Why?
3) How you started to watch/read mangas?
4) Have one anime that you used to like but now no? Or vice-versa?
5)What's your favorite shipp?
6)what's your favorite weather?
7)Are you watching one serie that you are liking?
8)Whats the first anime you saw?
9)Quickly! Choose! Orange or apple?!
10) Have you seen Angel Beats and if you have, did you like the latest chapters?

The person that I tagged for do this is........ :iconlalc: o/ 

That's all I am a dummy! !
  • Listening to: DMMD BGM
  • Reading: what I wrote
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Dramatical Murder OJDOSAJDOA
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: nothing again.


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